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Token error

I have valid Mastercard that will not tokenize and returns an error on a developers website. They seem oblivious why this happens and created an IT ticket for someone to resolve it. A company whom i will not mention has a webpage that returns a token for a card for security reasons.
This is a guess but maybe someone can answer this question. The first time it was used a token was created but they used an old expiration date and the card was declined as should be. Now that valid card same card number with correct expiration date will not tokenize. Is there a flag of some sort that would make that same card number invalid and forever more make it untokenizable unless someone resets something for another attempt with correct expiration date. I am just a customer trying to pay a bill and they are customer support trying to bill my valid card but it will not tokenize. I am somewhat technical but do not claim to understand the details of tokenization. What i explained seems to be the scenario but as i mentioned i do not know. I would appreciate anyone who can offer some thoughts. I found this developers website after some online research and thought i would offer up the question.