PCI Booking provides a simple, Restful, API to perform all actions regarding a credit card.

PCI Booking is made up of several application areas. This developers site contains a guide and a reference manual for each application area.

  • The guides allow software architects and designers to have a broad view on the system operation and easily pick up those components which can fit the best different application scenarios.
  • The reference manuals allow developers to have a clear understanding of which methods are available, what input parameters are required for each method and the expected results of each.

e-Wallet Programming Guide

The e-Wallet management is a service that allows you to store and manage card data. Thus enabling you to provide a service to your customers (the card holders) where by they do not need to reenter card details for repeat transactions.

e-Wallet management card data description in XML format

XML structure

The elements of the e-Wallet in the schema have the namespace http://www.pcibooking.net/reservation, as shown in the schema definition below:

<xs:schema xmlns="http://www.pcibooking.net/reservation"
elementFormDefault="qualified" attributeFormDefault="unqualified" 

The messages sent via API with the e-Wallet XML are validated against the schema. If validation fails, an HTTP status 400 (bad data) is returned, with a more detailed error message in the response body.
This ensures that the recipient can rely on message validity.

e-Wallet details contain payment card information only. All additional reservation details will need to be sent in the clear.

Click here to view a full XML description.

e-Wallet uses

You can use this service to handle card data, such as:

  • Query existing cards
  • Enable a third party (e.g., a hotel) to view the data
  • Delete cards from memory
  • Clear CVV

Each card has a creator and optionally, several viewers.
A creator is the PCI Booking user who initially stored the card (or the card was stored on the creator's behalf).
A viewer is a registered user of PCI Booking, with a merchant ID. This could be either a hotel (registered as a property within your account) or another booker (registered as a separate client of PCI Booking)

A creator is the only one who can view data, as well as perform all management activities.
Creators can also enable other users to view or perform additional actions with the card, if they are given permission, and for a specified time period.
Providing such permissions is called "association,"; removing permissions is called "disassociation."

When a card is tokenized, the creator may assign a "Creator Reference" to the card.
This reference can be any string, as long as it is something that the creator will be able to identify and retrieve easily.

Click here to view the full list of actions you can perform within the -Wallet service.

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e-Wallet Programming Guide

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