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e-Wallet Methods

ActionProcessUsage ExamplesMethod reference
StoreStores a new card details as a token.When migrating existing stored cards from your own database to tokens; When adding additional cards to the token database.
Remember to set the CVV Retention Policy for this token.
Store Paycard
Clear CVVWill clear the CVV from database of the specified˙card - remaining card details will not be affected. CVV will also be deleted automatically following the CVV retention policy set by the creator or, if no such policy exists, following the default policy of PCI Booking.When card is relayed to a payment gateway and authorized, the creator of the card will clear the CVV data.˙Clear CVV
Delete cardWill delete all stored card details of the specified token.Once the card has been used, the owner can delete the card.˙Delete Paycard
Duplicate cardEnables duplication of a card to a new card, optionally adding the CVVWhen an e-commerce site captures only the CVV, and would like to add the information to an existing˙card.
Remember to set the CVV Retention Policy for this token.
Duplicate Paycard
Update Card Expiration DateEnables updating the expiration date of a stored card.When storing the card details for a traveler in the e-Wallet and the card has been renewed with a new expiration date (however, all remaining card details are the same)Update Card Expiration Date
QueryObtain a list of stored˙cards related to a creator reference. The query results contain masked card details as per the PCI standard (e.g., card type, last 4 digits, expiration date, holder name)˙as well as the card URI, to be used for other management activities.Card details can be used for returning customers, with the same card (no need to fill in all card details). Can be used to locate a card for relaying to a third partyQuery Paycard
Retrieve CardEnables retriving the stored card details of a token. The card details will be presented in the clear (unmasked).When attempting to verify the full card details of a stored token.Retrieve Paycard
Associate with a merchantAssociate a bank card with a specified merchant (hotel or booker), using a merchant ID. A card can be associated with more than one merchant.Only associated merchants can view the card details or perform actions on the card; Associate the card with e-commerce sites that need to view the card details, such as hotels that need to charge guests; Associate the card with a booker to allow the booker to relay the card, on your behalf, to another third party or to perform actions on the card such as charging the customer.Associate Paycard with a Property

Associate Paycard with a PCI Booking Customer
Disassociate a pay card from a merchantRemove access from that merchant to this card.When the merchant does not require access to the card anymore, the creator can disassociate it from that merchant.Disassociate Paycard from a Property

Disassociate Paycard with a PCI Booking Customer
Retrieve a list of merchants associated with a tokenRetrieve a list of merchants (either hotels or other bookers) to see who is associated with this token.When the token owner wants to view who has access to the token.Get A List Of Associated Merchants

Get A List Of Associated Users