Hey! These docs are for version 1.0, which is no longer officially supported. Click here for the latest version, 3.0!

Universal Payment Gateway

With the PCI Booking API for universal payment gateways, developers can easily use a variety of payment gateways for processing credit cards tokenized with PCI Booking.

All you need to do is to integrate once with PCI Booking API. Select your preferred payment gateway by configuring your account or by specifying the desired payment gateway in your request.

In order to get started, please set up an account with your preferred payment gateway. Then retrieve the required authentication credentials for that account.

If you don't see your preferred payment gateway, please contact us.

When requesting to add a new payment gateway, you will be asked to provide the following:

  • Name and web site of the payment gateway
  • A link to the English version of the integration manual for this payment gateway
  • Either a test account for our developers to use for developing the integration or explanation as to how to register for a test account.

Typical Use

Any merchant collecting payments via a payment gateway can use PCI Booking’s generic integration API to connect to current or new payment gateways.

Methods available for the universal payment gateway

ActionProcessMethod reference
Query for available payment gatewaysThe request will produce a list of supported payment gateways, and the description of the credentials. No authorization is required.Get Payment Gateways
Process cardThe request will send one of the operations to the payment gateway. (see the operations list, below)Process Payment Gateway Transaction

The merchants can use the following operations:

  1. Pre authorization: This operation will be used to authorize a credit card payment. It will not charge the card.
  2. Capture a previously authorized credit card payment: This operation will be used to charge a credit card after the card has already been pre authorized.
  3. Charge: This operation will be used to authorize and capture a credit card.
  4. Refund: This operation will be used to refund a customer.
  5. Void: This operation will be used to cancel a pre-authorizations that has not been settled yet.

Operation status from the payment gateway

An operation may have one of the following statuses:

  • Accepted - The payment gateway accepted the request.
  • Success - The operation was successful.
  • Rejected - The operation was rejected by the payment gateway.
    The response will contain the payment gateway description and the acquirer's bank description.
  • TemporaryFailure - The process has failed. The merchant can retry.
  • FatalFailure - The process has failed.

Transaction Flow

Authentication with the payment gateways

PCI Booking supports two methods of authentication with the payment gateways:

  • Authentication using username and password
  • Authentication using client certificate

The type of authentication to be used is based on the specific requirements of each payment gateway that you choose to use.

Production vs. Sandbox usage of payment gateways

PCI Booking offers its customers the option of developing and testing their environment with a free sandbox account.
Most payment gateways also have a sandbox or test environment to allow customers to test their integrations.

When sending a request to a payment gateway from a sandbox account in PCI Booking, the request will be automatically sent to the sandbox or testing environment of the specified payment gateway. The credentials provided in such a request must then also be for an account within the sandbox environment of the payment gateway.