Card Entry Form callback notification

PCI Booking offers customers the ability to receive status notifications on creating a card capture form requests sent to a specific URL. The callback API should have the following signature. The callback will be sent each time there is a status change.

  • Parameters
    • CaptureCardRequestID: The ID of the card request in PCI Booking (string). For example, 9e4fac88bab14e01b5befe540.
    • CaptureCardRequestStatus: The status of the tokenization in the card capture form (string). See a complete list of status codes below. For example, OK
    • CardUri: The card token in PCI Booking (string). For example,

Below is an example of the request body that will be sent to your callback application:

"CaptureCardRequestID": "uC1efRTOpU4p3hmhH7fbY3J6A9LYL3j5",
"CaptureCardRequestStatus": "OK",
"CardUri": ""

Statuses description

Store failedFailureGeneral error - The card storage failed
Store failed due to bad dataBadDataThe card storage failed since the customer entered not valid information. E.g. entered Visa, which wasn’t on the supported card types
Card storedOKCard was stored successfully.
The status response will include a CardUri parameter which will contain the PCI Booking token.
ExpiredExpiredThe request passed the TTL time