Retrieve a card data request

The request will retrieve the card data request to check on its status.

Below the reference you will find the possible status codes and their explanations.

We recommend that you first review the guide for this method.

Method usedStatusValueDescription
Email / SMSMessage queuedMessageQueuedMessage was added to the PCI Booking queue.
SMSMessage sentMessageSentThe message was sent to the recipient.
SMSMessage failedMessageFailedMessage delivery to the recipient failed.
SMSMessage deliveredMessageDeliveredMessage was successfully delivered to the recipient.
Email / SMSForm viewedFormViewedRecipient viewed the capture form.
Email / SMSCard storedCardStoredThe recipient has entered the card in the form and the credit card stored at PCI Booking.
The status response will include a CardUri parameter which will contain the PCI Booking token.
Email / SMSLink expiredLinkExpiredThe link to the capture form has expired.
Email / SMSStore FailedStoreFailedCapture form submission failed.


Card Security Code Requests

As a result of this form submission, the card details of the original token will be duplicated to a new token and the CVV data captured in this form will be added to the new token.
It is your responsibility to clear the original token that was stored in PCI Booking. If this token is not cleared, it will be charged the monthly storage fee.


CVV Retention Policy

Once the status of the card request is CardStored, remember to set the CVV Retention Policy for this token.

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