PCI Booking provides a simple, Restful, API to perform all actions regarding a credit card.

PCI Booking is made up of several application areas. This developers site contains a guide and a reference manual for each application area.

  • The guides allow software architects and designers to have a broad view on the system operation and easily pick up those components which can fit the best different application scenarios.
  • The reference manuals allow developers to have a clear understanding of which methods are available, what input parameters are required for each method and the expected results of each.

Managing Card Over The Phone Requests

Once a Card Over The Phone request has been submitted (by using either the Request to Send Card Capture Form to Recipient method or the Request to Send Card Security Code Capture Form to Recipient method), the response received will include the request's ID in the form of a URI.

You can manage the request by accessing this URI. PCI Booking offers the following actions to manage a request:

Action Description Method Referece
Retrieve Request You can call the PCI Booking API to see the details that were submitted originally to send the Card Over ThePhone request and check on the status of the request. Once the Card has been submitted in the capture form, you can use this method to retrieve the card token.
As the Card Over The Phone request goes through its stages, you will have to submit this query multiple times to pull the data and see the change in status
Retrieve a card data request
Receive callback After every change of status, PCI Booking will send a request to the callback URL provided in the original request to send the Card Over The Phone message. The callback details will indicate that there has been a change and then you will be able to use the Retrieve a card data request method to find out all of the details regaring the change in status.
PCI Booking will push the notice on updates as they happen.
Receive Request Status Via Callback
Delete Request You can submit a request to cancel and void a Card Over The Phone message. If the recipient has not yet clicked on the link and filled out the form, the request can still be cancelled. Once cancelled, the recipient of the message will get an error of "Link Expired" when clicking on the link. Delete a card data request

CVV Retention Policy

Once the status of the card request is CardStored, remember to set the CVV Retention Policy for this token.

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Managing Card Over The Phone Requests

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