Receive card from owner and process a charge through a payment gateway

This guide will discuss the process of collecting the card details directly from the card owner and then sending it to a payment gateway to be charged.
PCI Booking offers multiple methods to achieve this task and selecting which options you would like to use is based upon your individual scenario and use case. The following table will provide the list of the options available to you:

Ways to collect card detailsWays to share card details
1. Use the card capture form in your web site
2. Use the Card Over The Phone to send the link to the customer.
1. Use the Token Replacement to send the card to the payment gateway's API.
2. Use the Universal Payment Gateway to send the card to the payment gateway. Recommended Method.

This guide will use, as an example, the Card Over The Phone method to collect the card and then the Universal Payment Gateway to send the card details to the payment gateway to be charged.

Stage #1: Pick your payment gateway of choice

Before you can start interacting with the payment gateway to process charges on cards, you will need to set up an account with that payment gateway.
If you already have an account with the payment gateway, you can skip this step.

  • In the PCI Booking website, find the payment gateway that you would like to use.
  • Reach out to the selected payment gateway and set up an account
    • If you would like to use one of the preferred partners, you can contact our team and we will put you in contact with an account manager of that payment gateway.

Stage #2: Customize the card capture process

In both the card capture form and Card Over The Phone processes, PCI Booking allows the customer to customize, localize and brand the capture screens and messages.
Please follow our guides on setting up custom translations for more information.

Stage #3: Collect the card details

You can use any of our methods to collect credit card details, but for now we will focus on the Card Over The Phone (COTP) method.

  • You will send a request to PCI Booking's API to initiate the COTP request. As a result, PCI Booking will send a link to the card owner - the link can be sent via SMS text message or email.
    • As part of this request, you can provide additional information, such as:
      • Reference number
      • Amount and Currency of the transaction
      • Header and / or footer to be displayed on the capture page
      • Redirect URL to send the card owner to after submitting the card details (for example, to capture additional information such as billing address)
  • The card owner, once received the link, will click it and be directed to a dedicated page in PCI Booking's network where they will enter the card details.
    • The card capture page is mobile friendly and will be displayed properly on a laptop, tablet or mobile device.
    • If requested, once the card has been submitted, a 3D secure prompt will be displayed.
  • Once the card has been submitted, PCI Booking will validate, store and tokenize the card and send a callback message to your system with the status of the request and the token ID.

Stage #4: Process a charge

Regardless of how the card was originally tokenized in PCI Booking - whether via the card capture form and Card Over The Phone processes, you will be able to use them the same way.
Once the card has been tokenized in PCI Booking, you can send it to be charged with the payment gateway of your choice. Simply send a request through our API with the following information:

  • Card token
  • Amount and currency to be charged
  • Name of payment gateway
  • Credentials in the payment gateway to be used for the charge.

Below is a simple workflow diagram to explain this process when using PCI Booking: