Update expiration date of stored card

PCI Booking allows customers to store credit cards as tokens indefinitely. While stored, there may be changes to the card - the most common being the card expiring and the card owner being issued a new card with the same card number and a new expiration date (this new card also comes with a new CVV).

If all you need, based on your workflow, is to store the card number and expiration date, then you can simply use the Update expiration date of stored card method to enter the new expiration month and year.
However, if you also need to store, in addition to the card number and expiration, the CVV, then we recommend that you follow this use case.

  1. The process starts with a phone call between you and the card owner where they would like to update you that their old card has expired and they have received a new card with a new expiration date.
  2. You will collect the new expiration date and month and use the Update expiration date of stored card method to submit those to PCI Booking.
  3. You will send the customer the Capture Card Security Code link either email or text message.
  4. The card owner will receive the link and enter the new CVV.
  5. PCI Booking will duplicate the card details, add the CVV to the new token and provide you with the token in a callback.
  6. If needed, you will set the CVV Retention Policy for this new token.
  7. Delete the old token to avoid any duplicate entries.
  8. Update your database with the new token.

At the end of this process, you will be left with one token holding the newly updated card details.