PCI Booking provides a simple, Restful, API to perform all actions regarding a credit card.

PCI Booking is made up of several application areas. This developers site contains a guide and a reference manual for each application area.

  • The guides allow software architects and designers to have a broad view on the system operation and easily pick up those components which can fit the best different application scenarios.
  • The reference manuals allow developers to have a clear understanding of which methods are available, what input parameters are required for each method and the expected results of each.


The following features in PCI Booking offer customization with different languages:

The following languages are supported:

Language Shortcut TextDirection
Afrikaans af LTR
Arabic ar RTL
Catalan ca LTR
Chinese CN LTR
Chinese (Taiwan) ct LTR
Croatian hr LTR
Czech cs LTR
Danish da LTR
Dutch NL LTR
English EN LTR
Estonian et LTR
Finnish fi LTR
French FR LTR
German DE LTR
Greek el LTR
Hebrew HE RTL
Hindi hi LTR
Hungarian hu LTR
Italian IT LTR
Japanese JA LTR
Korean ko LTR
Latvian lv LTR
Lithuanian lt LTR
Norwegian no LTR
Polish pl LTR
Portuguese pt LTR
Portuguese (Brazil) pb LTR
Russian ru LTR
Slovak sk LTR
Slovenian sl LTR
Spanish ES LTR
Svedish sv LTR
Thai th LTR
Turkish TR LTR
Zulu zu LTR

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