PCI Booking provides a simple, Restful, API to perform all actions regarding a credit card.

PCI Booking is made up of several application areas. This developers site contains a guide and a reference manual for each application area.

  • The guides allow software architects and designers to have a broad view on the system operation and easily pick up those components which can fit the best different application scenarios.
  • The reference manuals allow developers to have a clear understanding of which methods are available, what input parameters are required for each method and the expected results of each.

Manage Account-Wide CVV Restrictions

PCI Booking enables customers to set an account wide CVV retention policy that will be set automatically to all tokens created within this account.
This can be used by customers who have the same workflow for all tokens and do not require changing the policy for each token.

In order to set up the CVV retention policy, please follow these steps:

  • Login to the PCI Booking users' portal
  • In the menu bar on the left, go to "Booker Settings" > "CVV store rules".
  • Under the "Storage period" section, you can define the duration that the CVV will be stored for each token.
    • You can set the value and the type of value of the duration. For example, 12 and Months in order to specify the storage period of the CVV to be 12 months from the time the card was tokenized.


Maximum storage period allowed for the CVV is 4 year / 48 months.

  • Under the "Destinations" section, you can define the approved list of destinations where the card along with the CVV can be relayed to. For each destination, you will be asked to provide
    • Type of Destination - you can find additional explanation on the types of destinations in the CVV Retention Policy guide.
    • Value of the Destination - you can find additional explanation on the values of destinations in the CVV Retention Policy guide.
    • Quota - the number of times the card with the CVV can be relayed to this destination.


You can set up to 50 different destinations. Each destination can be set up to be relayed to up to 50 times.


Make sure that the destinations for relay based on host names are also included in the list of relay restrictions (if one was set up).

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Manage Account-Wide CVV Restrictions

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