Common Terms

  • e-commerce site: Any site that requires receiving, storing or sending or payment card details.
  • Third party: Companies sending or receiving the payment card to/from the e-commerce site. Third-party companies do not require any integration with PCI Booking.
  • Paycard: Paycard is a collective name for bank cards, which include credit cards and debit cards. The paycard can be electronic representations or physical cards.

API General Terms

  • Card storage: Card data can be stored in PCI Booking's secure database. The CVV is stored with the card number. The customer must delete the CVV after card authorization, in accordance with PCI compliance regulations.
  • cardURI:
    • The card URI is the resource identifier for the card location within PCI Booking, comprising a card token and path.
    • cardURI template: https://service.pcibooking.net/api/paycards/bankcard/cardToken
  • MerchantID: The Property's Username (user ID), found within PCI Booking (under "Property settings"), which has been given permission to view the card. Please note: The owner (Booker) has permission to view the card.