Supported Formats

Currency Format

The currency format follows the ISO 4217 code list. Click here to view the active codes list.

Response Content Format

PCI Booking supports sending responses to clients both as "application/json" and as "application/xml". The "Accept" header should be added to the request in order to get the correct and expected response format. Optional values are:

  1. Accept: application/json
  2. Accept: application/xml

JSON Support

Aside from the types natively supported by Json, the following conventions are used:

  • DateTime fields are formatted/parsed using the ISO 8601 standard
  • Enum data types are converted to strings

Supported files when uploading to FTP server

PCI Booking allows customers to upload files to third party FTP servers and perform token replacement on multiple tokens into the uploaded file (read more about Token Replacement to FTP server).
PCI Booking supports the following types of files: