Search Stored Cards

Once the card details have been stored in PCI Booking, you can search for its details through the PCI Booking API.
We offer two methods for searching for cards:

Query Card

This method allows you to search for a list of stored˙cards based on the a creator reference value provided during tokenization. The query results contain a list of masked card details as per the PCI standard (e.g., card type, last 4 digits, expiration date, holder name)˙as well as the card URI. The card URI can then be used for other activities in PCI Booking. Introduction

A common use case for this method is to compare lists of stored tokens or check the tokens that were generated with a particular reference value.

Please review our method reference for this method.

Retrieve Card

This method allows you to retrieve the full details of a single stored card. The card details will be presented fully and in the clear (unmasked). If you are in need to retrieve the card details of multiple tokens, you will have to resubmit this request per card.


PCI compliance exposure

When using the Retrieve method, the server which pulls the information has access to the full credit card details and so in scope of PCI compliance. According to PCI compliance, any server and / or network connected to the in-scope server is also in scope.

It is your responsibility to ensure that this method only be used at times and situations where it is strictly required to access the full card details.

Please review our method reference for this method.

Retrieve Card Metadata

This method works very similar to the Query Card, however it only provides the metadata for a specific token.

A few common use cases for this feature are:

  • Display stored card details for returning customers
  • Re-use a stored card without the card owner having to fill in all card details again.
  • Look up specific details about a particular token.

Please review our method reference for this method.