Request a Card Security Code Entry Form

This method lets you create a PCI Booking Card Security Code Entry form for capturing credit card CVV data within an e-commerce site. Apply the method from the user's browser, typically in an iFrame "src" tag.
We recommend that you first review the guide for this method.

The response of calling this method is the HTML content of the Card Security Code Capture Form itself (Click here for an example of the content). You can use the request URL either as the page URL that a customer is directed to or as the source URL of an iframe element on your page.


Access Token Vs. Session Token

Between the two options of using the Access Token or the Session Token, we would recommend using the Access Token.


Multiple Authentication Methods allowed

This method accepts multiple forms of authentication methods (Session Token and Access Token). If more than one authentication method is provided, the Session Token will take precedence.


All URLs should be https.


Please note to urlEncode all components!


Duplicate Card Token

As a result of this form submission, the card details of the original token will be duplicated to a new token and the CVV data captured in this form will be added to the new token.
It is your responsibility to clear the original token that was stored in PCI Booking. If this token is not cleared, it will be charged the monthly storage fee.


CVV Retention Policy

Remember to set the CVV Retention Policy for this token.

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