Create Card Entry Form session

The successful response of this method will include the folowing:

  • RequestID for this Card Entry Form session. You will need to use this request ID in future requests relating to this Card Entry Form session.
  • Location header for the URL of the card form. You can use this URL to display the card form in your iframe.


3D Secure challenge timeout

Please note that if you enable 3DS processing during card capture, the 3DS challenge window will have a 5 minute timeout period. If the card owner does not submit the response to the 3DS challenge within that timeframe, their authentication will be rejected.


All URLs should be https.


CVV Retention Policy

Remember to set the CVV Retention Policy for this token.


Custom Merchant Information

Please do not use the merchantName parameter in the request unless you have followed our guide on managing merchant information for 3D Secure authentication as this may cause problems in your 3DS processing.

If you plan to use the PCI Booking merchant information for 3DS Authentication, please set "ThreeDs" as True and "merchantName" blank.
Please note that the PCI Booking merchant can only be used to perform 3D Secure authentication on Visa and Mastercard cards.

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