Process Payment Gateway Transaction Using Full Token

This request will send one of the approved operations to the payment gateway for processing.
We recommend that you first review the guide for this method.

Operation status from the payment gateway

An operation may have one of the following statuses:

  • Accepted: The payment gateway accepted the request.

  • Success: The operation was successful.

  • Rejected: The operation was rejected by the payment gateway.
    The response will contain the payment gateway description and the acquirer's bank description.

  • TemporaryFailure: The process has failed. The merchant can retry.

  • FatalFailure: The process has failed.


Unique Requirements Per Payment Gateway

Some of the payment gateways have additional requirements in order to send a charge request through their service. Please review the list of unique requirements for each payment gateway.


Checking on CVV retention policy status

We recommend adding business logic based on the current status of the CVV retention policy following a token replacement request.

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