Request to Send Card Security Code Capture Form to Recipient

The request will trigger a message to be sent to the recipient (via email or text message) with a link to the card security code capture form.
We recommend that you first review the guide for this method.

[Manage merchant information for 3D Secure authentication


Encoding URLs

Since the URLs provided in this request are provided in the body of the message instead of in the request URL's query string, the URLs mentioned above should not be urlEncoded.


Requests specific parameters vs account parameters

The following parameters - CustomerSupportLink, CustomerSupportLinkText, CustomerSupportEmail and CustomerSupportPhone - can be provided either as specific values for each individual request, or their value can be retrieved from your account settings (as set in our portal).

If specific values are provided in the request, they will override the values from the account and the specific values will be displayed in the card capture form.

When submitted successfully, the response body will be blank and there will be a header added:

  • Location: The URI for the card request which can be referenced later to retrieve status or cancel.


Duplicate card warning

Once the card owner enters the CVV code, the card details of the original token will be duplicated to a new token and the CVV data captured in this form will be added to the new token.
It is your responsibility to clear the original token that was stored in PCI Booking. If this token is not cleared, it will be charged the monthly storage fee.

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