Duplicate Paycard

This method enables duplication of a card to a new card, optionally adding a CVV, and specifying the e-commerce site association and creator reference.
We recommend that you first review the guide for this method.

Once the Duplicate Paycard method has bee completed successfully, a new card token will be created and the token URI will be returned in the response header Location.

The result of this process would be that there are two card tokens in PCI Booking for the same card.
It is your responsibility to delete one of them in order to avoid getting charged for storage for both tokens.


Access Token Vs. Session Token

Between the two options of using the Access Token or the Session Token, we would recommend using the Access Token.


Multiple Authentication Methods allowed

This method accepts multiple forms of authentication methods (API Key, Session Token and Access Token). If more than one authentication method is provided, the Session Token will take precedence.


CVV Retention Policy

Remember to set the CVV Retention Policy for this token.

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